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While rehearsing, I often meet with young singers who are on stage for the very first time. For them, this first experience is both great and stressful at the same time. 

A fresh solo artist, with no background in life opera, is constantly finding ways to grow and develop their skills set. 

I am often asked by fellow artists for initial tips and advice. As rehearsals usually last from 4 to 6 weeks, it is then that young singers experience most teething problems. Only experienced performers who ‘have been there and done this’ can offer necessary support and guidance, and only they can cast some light on magic tricks of the trade. 

Now, as an experienced lecturer and former student of Poznan Music Academy of Paderewski, I am delighted to be able to guide young opera singers. I give helping hand through open and sincere approach to teaching, not only in vocal techniques, but also in voice production and interpretation of particular arias. 

Please take time to fill in below form to help me understand your situation and to allow me to find the best ways of helping you.

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